Boxers and Brief Updates

I know this is dated but: Surprise bitch, I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me.

Things have been a bit hectic what with starting a new job and such, but I wanted to take the time to update y’all on the progress of it all.

First off, I am a lot farther along with the TypeChart than I expected to be by this point in the summer. I’m proud to say I already have a static typechart functionality, which allows users to check either offensive or defensive advantages and disadvantages of a certain type just by clicking on its corresponding button, which is actually something that I’m very proud of. The next steps I want to take in the program’s process are a lot more complex though, and may be the most complicated GUI that I’ve ever implemented on my own once completed.

 For the next phase, I want to implement a simulation mode where you can input the type of the offensive move, and the type(s) of the pokemon on the receiving end, and display the resulting damage modifier should this attack land (either 4x, 2x, 1x, .5x,.25x, 0x), or vice versa if you want to start with defending pokemon. This will prove to be challenging, as it will require a lot more state tracking and GUI manipulation, but I am very excited to sink my teeth into this challenge.

 Before I sign off, though, I want to provide an update of how my internship is going at Gateway Health Plan. Although it is not as intensive of a programming environment as I would have preferred, I can tell even only after a couple of days on the job that this internship is going to be a rewarding and educational experience, whether I like it or not.

Sorry to drop in with rapid fire updates and then jet, but there are these things called naps and friends’ 21st birthdays and I need to do one before the other if I expect to survive this summer. I’ll let you figure out which one.

 Til next time,

Adam “I’m furious that I already used the Dolly Parton movie joke last year” Hayes

P.S. I have committed the code with the static typechart to my GitHub if you want to take a look


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