Hire Emblem: Resume Padding

Hey y’all, the semester just ended so I finally find myself in a position to stop and just breathe as I prepare myself for my summer internship at Gateway Health Plan, and after two weeks of Fire Emblem ROM hacks and binging Twin Peaks, I finally feel ready to return to the Steel City, the City of Steel ™, and get back into work mode before my internship starts on the 22nd. As I still have one more week of “downtime” before starting at Gateway, meaning that I am picking up some hours at the IT help desk that I part time at during the school year, I wanted to try out a little side project, and if all goes well with it, I may make more of these lil guys throughout the summer to keep my programming skills as sharp as the tip of a pegasus knight’s spear (like I said, 2 solid weeks of fire emblem and NOTHING ELSE), and also to delve into areas of programming that I currently don’t have that much experience with. Which brings me to the actual project itself: An interactive move and pokemon typing chart.

My reasons for picking this project were twofold: First, I wanted to get more experience with Event-Driven programming and working with GUIs, and I wanted to be able to care less about complicated behind-the-scenes operations and more about creating a pleasant GUI to give myself some front-end development experience. Second, I’m a nerd who plays pokemon a lot.

I am excited to get started on this project because it is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now but just haven’t had time for it between studying abroad last summer and taking major coarse loads during my junior year, and I can’t wait to share my progress and what I have learned. I’m going to start including links to my GitHub in case y’all might be interested on tracking progress, or if you just want to use the software once it’s been completed.

Smell ya later folks!


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