Venice Is for the Birds

But seriously, the birds in Venice were both abundant and uncomfortably aggressive, and were without a doubt the worst part of the city. However, most other parts of the city were just absolutely fantastic, just like that transition I just did.

Over the long weekend I got to experience one of the most unique cities in the world, and although it might be slightly marred by my return trip and related events, I really enjoyed the experience. Our first day in the city was spent wandering around without a rigid plan as implicitly suggested by Kelly’s parents, who had recently visited Venice themselves. I have to thank them for this advice, because Venice wasn’t so large of a city that I felt intimidated by its winding streets and alleyways, but it was big enough that exploring it truly felt like an adventure. What else, the six of us who traveled together all took a very touristy gondola ride together, and what a time that was! I never really wanted or expected to take a gondola through the canals of Venice, but I’m incredibly grateful to have had that experience.

Unsurprisingly, there were a lot of bridges in Venice that were a lot cooler than the ones in Pittsburgh
Gondola tour feat. Shravani and the #MysteryLegs

The next day was even less structured, but still wildly enjoyable. We visited a beach, rode a water bus (which was awful, but I got some sweet pics as a result, which was nice). And my favorite activity was stumbling upon a floating bridge that is only in place once a year as a part of the celebration of the end of the plague, and it was incredible. A bunch of us walked over it at sundown, and I’ll never forget how strange the experience was, in conjunction with how beautiful the view was from the middle of the canal.


View from the floating bridge

But to be honest, it wasn’t the place that made this trip so enjoyable, it was the people. Venice wouldn’t be nearly as memorable if I didn’t get to travel there with my friends,

Pastry selfie feat. Dan, Shravani, myself, and Zewei
Same people minus Zewei and plus Kelly and Gianna, who were shopping during the pastry selfie

and I know that I enjoyed getting to hang out and explore a new place together most of all.

I wish I had more to tell about the city, but I have pictures to remember it and share with others. What I want to remember most about this trip is the laughter, the fun, and the great time I had traveling with friends.

Til next time,

Adam “Never lose your passport abroad” Hayes

P.S. Our airBnB was absolutely bomb. Shoutout to Christina, Amina, and Emmanuela for their generosity and hospitality!






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