Month: April 2016

What to Expect When You’re Expecting (to Read My Travel Blog)

Hey friends,

Welcome to my very first (and very likely only) travel blog! This is mostly a debrief of what y’all who aren’t the program supervisors (i.e. my parents) should expect to see from my summer ¬†abroad.

So, throughout the summer I will be posting updates about once a week to chronicle my experiences, observations, and sometimes commentary/analysis of the German culture, industry, and my own values in comparison. You can also expect pictures, some (minor) tales of hi-jinks as I adapt to a foreign culture, and maybe even some recommendations on places to visit. I really can’t wait to embark on this adventure, and I’m even more excited to bring you along with me. Right now, though, I have to make it through finals week.

– ¬†Adam “Can’t wait to start packing” Hayes